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th-4While the title of this story sounds like something you might read on the ‘What Does It Mean’ website of Sorcha Faal, the main point of this news actually comes to us from Politico Magazine and might help to explain Jade Helm 15 in its entirety. With this story in the New York Magazine telling us that according to a new poll, 44% of Texans believe that the US government will be declaring martial law during Jade Helm 15 while 43% believe that they will be doing gun confiscations across the state, Politico ran a story just days ago telling us that Vladimir Putin has a very special interest in Texas, and he’s got a plot in mind to HELP Texas secede. Talk about PAYBACK for the US secretly sending forces into the Ukraine to destabilize one of Russia’s closest neighbors, Moscow’s right wingers are teaming up with a…

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