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(NaturalNews) When it comes to our diet, taste and health should go hand in hand, with each of them being considered equally before consumption. Sure, sugary and salty concoctions taste really good, but is it really worth sacrificing your health for something tasty?

Big Food thinks so. In fact, all they’re interested in is creating products that are loaded with salt or sugar, or an intense combination of both, lighting up your brain like a Christmas tree, and not to mention generating a dangerous cycle of addiction that leaves you craving more.

Recently, Natural News blew the whistle on Starbucks’ new Cinnamon Roll venti Frappucccino, a coffee beverage that contains an alarming amount of sugar with an astronomical 102 grams! The Cinnamon venti Frappuccino isn’t the only drink raising concern, as the global coffeehouse chain recently rolled out several other diabetic-inducing dessert drinks.

“The new Lemon Bar Creme clocks in…

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