This has my son who was convicted and sentenced without a word of defense evidence being permitted in the Stearns County justice system. He is in prison now, although innocent of these crimes. Did you know that after sentencing the Stearns County sheriff’s deputies slammed his head on the concrete during intake at St Cloud prison. Yes, my already brain injured son wasn’t walking fast enough for them in his neutral shackles that were cutting into his ankles.

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I’m glad that I decided to press past the startling opening of this video … I have TBI/PTSD/epilepsy, so I’m not big on being startled, so say the least.

Please watch all the interview segments with Mark Bowles brave mother.

What her son is living through would not be happening if the VA confirmed the link between Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and epilepsy, and began offering Charlotte’s Web medical marijuana as THE FIRST LINE OF TREATMENT … and if the VA played an active role in disseminating information to police, prosecutors and the judiciary on the involuntary behaviors associated with PTSD and epilepsy.

Please – if you can – call Judge Frank Kundrat at the number provided on the video. There are thousands upon thousands of Vets with TBI/PTSD/epilepsy, and it’s fit and proper to thank them for their service in a meaningful manner, like making sure…

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